Creative Groomer; from beginner to winner By Vikki Pearman


An introduction to creative dog grooming.a very good book for beginners with lots of tips and tricks from small touches to the Art of extreme competition creative grooming, Giving the novice creative groomer a great guide on how and where to begin.

Voted number 15 out of the top 20 best dog grooming books for advanced or beginners.

Although classified as a basic guide, this book focuses on the more non-traditional grooming options. It's certainly one of the best dog grooming books for groomers in every stage that want to put a unique spin on their grooming practice.

Providing insight from the creative stylist of the year of 2014, Pearman’s book introduces the where’s and how-to’s of extreme grooming options. From where to find pet-friendly creative grooming products to the creative grooming process, Pearman covers it all. Reviewed By Diana Beth Miller  -  Aug 29, 2017

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