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Vikki Pearman


Creative Dog Grooming UK was started for groomers by a groomer, it was founded in 2017 via Facebook to provide groomers in the UK with information to understand and effectively utilise creative grooming techniques in the salon as well as the competition ring without compromising the comfort or safety of the animal involved.

We are here to help change the public stigmas of creative dog grooming, despite how safe and enjoyable creative grooming can be, many people still view the activity negatively, so we are working towards a better public awareness of creative dog grooming.


We have now grown to the point where we offer the UK's only Dedicated creative grooming competition and an education program to help with learning the art of safe creative grooming throughout the UK and Ireland.

“As creative groomers, we are in the public eye,”. “We are here to promote safety for the pets in our care and set a standard within the industry.”


"We are the voice at the heart of the creative dog grooming industry". 

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