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Hair colour powder

Using carefully selected cosmetic grade ingredients we have created this temporary hair colour for use on model and live dogs.

Directions :

*Put powder into the mixing tray.

*Colours can be mixed to make different colours

*Choose the correct size brush and apply powder to fur.

*On large areas brush through to spread evenly.

*Apply colour after trimming for best results

*The more powder used the stronger the colour

Warning :

*For external use only do not use on open wounds or irritated skin.

*Always do a patch test.

*If it goes in the eyes, rinse with water.

*Colour transfer is possible and may stain.

Please note temporary colour runs the risk of staining furniture and clothes this includes glitter, chalks, blow pens, hair markers but colour shampoo and dye should not.

TransPawmation loose chalk each

  • Although all our products are pet safe please read the following

    Do an allergy test on the skin 48 hours prior to application.

    If any allergic reactions happens during dyeing, discontinue the process immediately and consult a veterinarian.Not recommended for use on pets under 6 months

    Do not use on pets with sensitive, irritated, or skin.Do not allow pet to lick?

    Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. If it happens, rinse with a large amount of water for 15 minutes.

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