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Toy Poodle Model dog comes in 3 options

1 x Toy Poodle Model Dog Mannequin

1 x High-Density Toy Poodle Wholebody Dog Wig - White

1 x Toy Poodle Mannequin & Full body white toy poodle wig


* Similar toy poodle size, realistic style poodle.

* Move-able tail and legs.

* The stable frame material used - plastics.

Dog Wig Features:

* The high wig density is suitable for grooming competition practice or replacing real dog in grooming competition. If you need to straighten the wig, you can wash it with warm water and shampoo like a real dog.

* Made of soft and smooth synthetic fiber material, providing a realistic trim experience.

* Specially designed for grooming school training and groomer scissoring practice.

* The material is very similar to the real dog hair, which provides perfect protection to grooming scissors.

* A good way for displaying grooming skills including trimming and coloring (only for temporary coloring products such as glitter gels, chalks, color pastes, paint pens, blow pens etc.)

Model Dogs & Wigs

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