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Awesome Feather Extensions

1 piece

These bonded feather hair extensions are made up of 3-6 salon quality bulk loose hair feathers that are bonded together at the top with keratin creating a beautiful cascade of feathers when attached to the hair.

4-7inches long

They are ready to install all you will need are pliers, nano beads and the bead attachment tool are included in the pack.

Lasts up to 6 weeks.

How to apply

1.Select a bead that matches the hair color.

2.Slide the bead onto the threader.

3.Take a small section of hair and thread through the loop.

4.Gently pull the bead over the loop up the section of hair until it is close to the root.

5.Insert the tip of the feather(s) into the bead.

feather extensions

6.Crimp securely with pliers.

They can also be washed curled, and blow-dried just like real hair.

You can apply a light shampoo if you like also conditioners if you wish. Combing as well as washing of feather hair extensions should be kept to a minimum.

Not to be used on dogs that chew.

Feather Extensions (Bonded)

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