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CRAZY LIBERTY Pets Hair dye, Permanent Dog Hair Dye, Non-Toxic Pet hair Dye for Creative Grooming, Pet Safe Hair Dyes last more 24 washes.

Amount: 5.29 oz. tube

Color Hair Dyes "Crazy Liberty" are made on the basis of vegetative and fruit components that not only color but also improve the health of the hair considering the peculiarities of animals' skin and fur.

We use plant and fruit juices AHA (α-hydroxy acid) as a dye extract to give the intensive color.

Permanent and non-toxic.

Unlike permanent paints that are represented on markets, we do not use ammonia in "Crazy Liberty" that's why the structure of coat does not change!


Water, Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance approved cosmetic colorant dyes and pigments, (Approved by the FDA), cellulose thickening agent and preservative

Crazy Liberty Dye

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