Temporary Hair colour chalk


All Natural Ingredients

Directions for use- Rub directly on to the hair then brush through, or coat with colour a small makeup brush or toothbrush and apply.

Hair colour will lighten over time but can be easily removed with 1 -2 shampoos.

Allergy/medical information- Contains nut oil.

A patch test is advised before use, to do this rub a small amount of colour onto the skin in the dog's groin and observe for 24 to 48 hours if no irritation occurs you can use the colour, if irritation occurs do not apply wash thoroughly and seek medical advice.

Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.

Warning- this is a temporary colour and may bleed when wet or stain the hair and surfaces it has contact with.

Legal Disclaimer

As with any treatment, beauty product or medicine, it is possible your pet may have an allergy to this product. It is the responsibility of the owner to decide if this item is suitable for their pet and as with all such products we recommend a small spot test before applying in full to ensure there is no reaction or issue caused by using this product on your pet.

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