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Lets Talk Lightening Cream

Hey everybody!

I thought today I would do a little informational post on dog hair lightening because not everyone knows much about it. This is based on my personal experience and opinions.

First if all, since people seem to have some confusion about the nature of this product, lightening cream IS BLEACH. The Opawz lightening cream is gentle bleach but still bleach.

Personally I only recommend lightening your dogs hair if you're a professional or very confident with hair colour. I also, only recommend using Opawz lightening cream though I know some groomers use other products. This is only because it is a product made specifically for dogs.

Their is always a risk of harming your dogs skin or coat when lightening if you're not careful and competent. The product should not come into contact with the dogs skin, especially the ears or tail because they're sensitive, I did find it does dry out the coat a great deal and advise using a good conditioner after rinsing to prevent hair breakage.

when you apply Monitor. Monitor. Monitor. And did I mention to monitor it? Just because it is a low volume does not mean it will not fry the hair if left. Lightener expands! It is meant to be used about 1/2 away from the skin it will go closer to skin as it processes.

Please remember not every groomer is a professional & just because you’re doing it at home or in the salon it doesn’t mean you’re completely inexperienced . Think of it like bleaching your own hair , while you can do it at home & clearly it’s cheaper , you have to make sure you have the right tools, you read everything you can and you watched videos.

You also wouldn’t let just anyone bleach your hair , some people are just stylists & are amazing at styling but not things like colouring or bleaching , well some groomers are amazing a cutting with clippers but not scissors, or can clip a coat to perfection but can’t add colour for the life of them.

Alternatively there are other things you can use on darker coloured dogs for creative purposes. If you are a skilled groomer coat carving looks lovely on dark coats, Opawz has glitter gel, spray chalks (you can use a white base first then apply colour) and you can even use different coloured bands/feathers/bows on the darker colours for a bit of flair

Bottom line, I don't often recommend it to people because I don't know another person's competence level or judgement in this area. It is a somewhat specialized skill. Anyone with a tube of Opawz or Manic Panic can colour their dog with very limited risk but lightening is another story.

This post isn't to discourage anyone from lightening their dogs but it is to caution people and let them know that it isn't something you should do lightly. Pun intended.


lightening crème cannot be used on dogs under 6 months or on cats.

Do not use on dogs that have sensitive, irritated or damaged skin.

Do not allow the dog to lick.

Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. If it happens, rinse immediately with plenty of water for 15 minutes.

If an allergic reaction happens, discontinue use immediately and consult a veterinarian.

If the dog is the first time to use Lightening Cream, 48 hours test on a small area before applying.

Applying colour dye and lightning at the same time is not recommended, suggested interval between is a week.


1. Start applying the mixture about 0.5 cm to 1 cm from the roots in the case where the skin on ears and tails is sensitive.

2. Shampoo the dog’s hair with OPAWZ Deep Cleanser Shampoo after lightening. Gently massage and rub it thoroughly into all of the hair. Leave on 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. It will affect the colouring result in the next step without washing the hair completely.

3. Do not let the cream touch the skin, especially for the ears and tail area in order to avoid allergy.

4. Apply hair dye creams one week after using Lightening Cream for the purposes of hair care and reducing the dog’s inpatient experience.

5. For the best lightening results for wirehaired dog breeds, it is recommended as one of the steps as follows:

a) Apply the mixture twice. Leave on 25 minutes after applying it each time. No need to shampoo after the first time applying.

b) Mix Lightening Cream and Developer at a ratio of 1:2 and apply the mixture onto the hair. Leave on 45 minutes.

Before -

During -

Rinsed and Dried -

Colour time -

And Finished -

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