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Allergy/patch testing

Always Patch test for allergies


Reactions to hair colourants can occur for a very small number of dogs, in the same way that some individuals can react to a variety of foods and natural substances.

Allergic reactions to hair colourants are extremely rare. Of those individuals who have the potential to react to a hair colourant, potential reactions can be detected by carrying out the Allergy Alert Test, as directed, 48 hours before you wish to use the product. The Allergy Alert Test must be completed before each colour application, even if you have previously used the same hair colourant or the colourant of any other brand.

How to do a patch test.

In a sensitive area like the groin using a cotton bud, apply a small quantity of colourant product sufficient to cover an area of 1-2cm² (e.g. the size of a small coin)directly to the skin.

Leave for 48 hours without washing, covering or touching.

In order to detect a potential allergy to the hair dye, you need to give the immune system time to respond. Most allergic reactions will occur within 48 hours of skin exposure, hence the 48-hour window for the *hair dye patch test*. 24 hours won't be enough time to rule out a reaction, so be sure to leave it on for the full allotted time.

If during this period you notice any abnormal reactions, such as itching, redness or swelling in or around the test area, DO NOT APPLY.

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