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Mission statement

The mission of the Creative grooming group UK is to help educate groomers and the public alike in the art creative styling, breed specific enhancement, as well as other arts of dog grooming in a healthy and safe manner. Working in conjunction with other dog grooming instructional institutes, if the need of regulating the field of creative dog grooming should arise and to help unify and support creative styling in the dog grooming industry and the public's perception.

Working to develop and maintain standards for creative grooming.

Who are we and why join ?

We are an organisation that is set on education and bringing pet stylists together with a common interest whether it be a simple design or a full fledged extreme makeover.

​We are community of like-minded professionals.

We are support network for beginners and the experienced alike. A hub of friendly helpful advice, training and education.

Creative grooming group UK is the only educational organisation in the UK that offers an education program for the professional groomer to accomplish a higher level of education.


Member Benefits

Technical support and knowledge

Training and educational support

Discounted entry to The British Creative Dog Grooming Championship

Networking and publications of updates within the industry with our news letter.

Use of The Creative Grooming Group UK logo 

membership card with

10% Discount off products on this site

Your salon details to be listed on our website

How to join ?

There is an annual fee of £20  but if you sign up to the education program you will get your 1st years membership to creative dog grooming  UK free.(if already a member you get your next year free)

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