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Home learning Program

It’s easy for the hustle and bustle of life to get in the way of our personal development. Our home learning course can help you take back control – so you can gain that skill you’ve always dreamed about, on your terms .

Distance education or distance learning is the education of students who may not always be physically present at a school. Traditionally, this usually involved correspondence courses where in the student corresponded with the school via post.

This enables students from all over the country to learn the art creative dog grooming without having to travel to the school of learning.

The most important tool that all of our students have at their disposal is their tutor. When studying for a course with us you are assigned a personal tutor with in-depth knowledge and experience in creative grooming

You are strongly advised to make use of your tutors expertise and ask questions about the course content. Your assignments are marked by your personal tutor and detailed feedback is given. As well as this your tutor will provide you with pointers and advice on where you can improve- this helps you to get the most from your courses and constantly improve your skills.

Enrolment Length

The course is self-led so that you can complete the course at your own pace.

When can I start? 

  You can start a course at any time. We do not have any set dates for starting a course. As the courses are self-study we can send you the appropriate materials and you can work through at your own pace.

  Written Work

  When you feel you are ready and have finished the book please contact your tutor (details at the front of the book) or email us at with the answers to the questions at the back of the book . These will be read and marked by your personal tutor and feedback is provided to students which contain helpful tips to improve work in future and a certificate of completion will be provided. . 

  Practical Work

Using the piece of fur pad and the chalks provided or dye of your choice either take a video or step by step photos of yourself creating something (example: a flower you can use the tutorial in the text book for reference) or if you prefer you could do the ears or tail using a real dog .The more the better. Please then send the photos/video and a brief explanation of what you did and how you achieved it to your tutor for marking.

What’s next?
On completion of the of the above you will receive a certificate of achievement, Get your 1st year FREE to Creative dog grooming UK and receive any benefits that come with it, visit our Join us page to find out more.

To purchase the home education program please select it in the shop.

Salon Program

Learn everything you need to know at the UK's only creative dog grooming training centre based in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

This is a written and practical course you can choose between a 1 day course and a 5 Day course (that can run consecutively or separate days over a period of time).

Included in the price is the creative grooming work book, a creative grooming starter kit with products, equipment, tuition, a model dog and a certificate of completion. You will also get a year’s membership to creative dog grooming UK and all the benefits.

Prices are person but if a group of up to 5 wanted to book a discount would apply.

1 Person = 1 Day course £250 (1 on 1)

1 Person = 5 Day course £1000 each  (1 on 1)

3 People = 5 Day course £850 each

5 People = 5 Day course £750 each

To book or for further information please contact us directly at