British Creative Dog Grooming Championships


Save the date ; 2nd October 2022


 Rixton Glazebrook Community Centre,

Manchester rd, Rixton, Warrington,WA3 6JZ


IT’S Official The British Creative Dog grooming championships is back

2022 is going to be the best yet , with a brand new bigger location we are going to add some great seminars and fabulous shopping to our creative show.

Our incredible judges are GIANTS in our industry, and  are ready to share their awesome experience and feedback.

Classes available to enter-

Asian Fusion - time allowance 2 hours - Novice/Open - Start 9am
Salon creative - time allowance 1 hour - Novice/Open - Start 11.30am
Carving - time allowance 2 hours  - Novice/Open - Start 1.30pm
Juniors - age 4 to 16  - Start 10am

 Extreme  creative -  time allowance over 15” 2.5 hours, under 2 hours - Novice/Open - Start 1pm

 Canine Cat walk (Runway) - Start 4pm
Model Dog full body  - Time allowed 2 hours  - start 1.30pm

Grooming MaTTers  - Pre groomed class  - Entry's accepted until 11am



1st class £30

2 class entered £50 (saving £10)

3 classes entered £70 (saving £20)

Grooming MaTTers class £10

Runway class £10

Spectators FREE

Seminar Tickets £30

 please enter via the store, pick your class from the drop down menu.

1 spectator free with each entry.

For discounted entry to 2 classes use code- 2CLASSES
For discounted entry to 3 classes use code- 3CLASSES

  Entry's open NOW
Please visit the store or follow the link below

(we do not send out tickets. if buying multiple tickets please add a note of names and what classes /spectators they are for)

Maximum of 10  entries per class division. .

All class entries are non refundable as a not for profit show all money is used to put on a great day.

Please read class details before entry.

All times are approximate.

1st to 3rd place will receive a rosette, best in show and reserve best in show will have prizes (to be confirmed)and our hand made trophies.

If you need to get in touch, or for trade stand enquiries email us.

or message the facebook page

Rules and Class descriptions & Regulations


 2 hours 


Carving a design onto a pre-prepared, clear coat with no previous design carved into it. You may use clippers, scissors or trimmers to create the design. Although colour may be added to the coat prior to the competition, it must not be added during the competition and neither will it make a difference to the judging decision.

All breeds or mixed breed of dog eligible

Salon Creative Class

1 hour


Salon Creative Using stencils or freehand techniques to add tattoo's, touches of colour and other creative embellishments such as you could incorporate into your salon.

Products used must be non-toxic and Skin safe.

Only minimal scissor trimming allowed.

Any breed of dog can be used.


60 minutes

Age category 4-16 years old (if we have lots of interest for this class then we will have two age categories 4-9 & 10-16)


Children to be supervised under the age of 12yrs by an adult

no colour work to be done before hand

all work it to be done by the child without the assistance of the adult

Carving and salon creative techniques are allowed, temporary colours that are non-toxic and skin safe are allowed, use of bling, feathers, chalk, blopens and airbrushing are all permissible.

Canine catwalk Class 


  All styling, colouring and embellishments should be done prior to the runway competition. The dogs and stylists show off their work on an actual runway. Dogs and stylists should complement one another for the display.

All dogs are eligible for entry.

Extreme Creative Class:

under 15” 2 hours and dogs over 15” 2.5 hours


The only limitation, other than the safety and welfare of the dog, is your imagination and creative talents.

Colouring and basic shaping can be done prior to the class but finishing colour and styling should be done during the class.

There must be a discernible difference in the dog from the start to the finish of the class.

The dog must be able to move freely whilst wearing their style

all products used must be non-toxic and skin safe. All competitors will be given 15 minutes at the end of the class to prepare their staging ready to present their art to the audience.

Novice and Open

Grooming MaTTers class

Items received from 9am, no entries will be accepted after 11am


Almost anything goes, this is a pre-groomed/created class.

Wire frames, colour, accessories and a bundle of imagination can be used.

The piece must be made up predominantly from matted hair.


Asian Fusion 

under 15” 2 hours and dogs over 15” 2.5 hours


Any breed, any technique to achieve the desired Asian look, Minimal (pet safe) colouring and accessories allowed.


Model Dog (HEAD ONLY)

Don’t have a real dog you can compete with well why not have a go on a model Dog.

Let your imagination run wild as anything goes turn your model dog into something creative or a breed standard cut.

Fun class for groomers of all levels, anything goes!!

Model Dog (WHOLE DOG)

Don’t have a real dog you can compete with well why not have a go on a model Dog. Let your imagination run wild as anything goes turn your model dog into something creative or a breed standard cut.

Fun class for groomers of all levels, anything goes!!

All classes are eligible for Best in Show.

Equipment and products used

Contestants must bring their own tools; electricity will be available if needed.

We are sure we don't need to say this BUT in the interests of keeping all competitors, spectators and dogs happy, we would like to say that anyone seen to be using superglue or glue guns or staple guns etc. will be disqualified immediately.


The use of lightening products is not permitted.

All products used must be non-toxic and skin safe.


There will be a 10-minute comfort break after an hour in all classes.

Please bring water for your dogs.

Contestants must provide their dogs for the competition and are responsible for their dogs. Please clean up after them.


Contestants are liable for their own equipment, trolleys, tools etc. Creative dog grooming UK take no responsibility if anything is lost or stolen at the show.

Please provide a comb for the judge on pre-judging it is still a grooming competition!!

Any aggressive behaviour including language, handling Dogs, event staff, judges or spectators will result in disqualification.

If a dog is hurt during the grooming process the groomer will be disqualified.

The judges' decisions are final.

we reserve the right to move entries up or down if placed in the wrong category.

Novice - Definition

A novice is a contestant who has never competed in a our creative class before or never placed in the top 3.

Open/Experienced – Definition

A contestant who has placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd at a our live creative competition.

Seminars & Judges 


Please note these are subject to change without notice